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Home Economics / Life Skills Program

We had a wonderful fall session! Stay tuned for future sessions. If you would like to be notified of a future session please email us at [email protected].

Eben-Ezer church is excited to offer a new home economics / life skills program that features three sessions for interested members of the community. We want to share the skills we have learned from our parents, grandparents, neighbours, and fellow church members over the years with those in our community. We will look at a number of topics related to family meal planning, all focused on doing more with less, and relate to budgeting, cooking with staples, meal preparation, and food preservation.

We will be hosting these FREE sessions on Saturday mornings at the Eben-Ezer Church basement from 9am to 11/11.30am. Each session will be unique in format, and will aim to be interactive so that you can ask questions about each of the topics. The classes will be small to help facilitate this. Where needed we will be able to use the kitchen available there, and we will have volunteers join us who are excited to share their knowledge and experience with you!

You can join one, or two of these sessions, or you can join all of them:

Oct 14: In One ingredient to make many meals we will look at the many ways in which you can cook with staple ingredients, like potatoes, rice, and beans.

Oct 21: In Quick meals and handy prep, we will share some ways to prepare for busy nights, and will focus on quick and nutritious meal options.

Oct 28: In Preserving food we will talk about canning, freezing, and storing different foods in different ways to extend their freshness.

Please register here or contact us via [email protected] with any questions.