Eben-Ezer Canadian Reformed Church
483 McNaughton Avenue East, Chatham Ontario N7L 2H2
Current Minister: Rev. David deBoer
Call in number: (519) 355-0785
Services Every Sunday at 10:00am and 2:00pm
Eben-Ezer: Thus far has the LORD helped us. ~ 1 Samuel 7:12
We would like to extend a hearty welcome to you, and invite you to join us in our worship services at Eben-Ezer Canadian Reformed Church here in Chatham.

Our church belongs to the federation of American and Canadian Reformed Churches. We come together, in humbleness, to worship God, thankful for the redeeming work of Jesus Christ.

As we gather, we pattern our worship services according to the instructions that we find in God's Word. You will notice that the Holy Bible is central in the way we worship our heavenly Father.

We will be honoured to have you with us as a guest. It is our prayer that as you hear God's Word proclaimed, He may work faith in your heart.